3 Fall Makeup Trends I’m Loving

As I’ve been scrolling through my Instagram feed the past couple days, a couple of trends have really stood out and I’ve been wanting to try them myself. 

1. Bronze Shadow

I’ve been seeing the coppery eye shadow everywhere, and I absolutely love it! The look screams fall, and it allows eye colors like green and brown to really pop. 

2. Berry Lips 

via Instagram @angexla
via Instagram @acaciabrinley 

3. Bold Brows  

via Instagram @vegas_nay

The combination of these trends gives you flawless fall looks like these: 

 via Instagram @griffinarnlund
via Instagram @acaciabrinley
What are your favorite fall trends?


  1. Raashi Agarwal | 20th Oct 15

    Ahhh berry lips! And those bronzey, coppery shadows – so, so, so pretty!


  2. Kay | 21st Oct 15

    Great picks 🙂 I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award – hope you participate! 🙂 <3


  3. Lory's channel Makeup and Beauty | 21st Oct 15

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  4. Laura M | 21st Oct 15

    Great picks! Love all of them

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  5. Suvarna Gold | 22nd Oct 15

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  6. Trishna Patel | 22nd Oct 15

    I love this post! My favourite trends have to be deep orange and red clothing as well as checked scarves ♥


  7. Mary María | 22nd Oct 15

    Amazing makeups! Have a nice day, dear!

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    Mary ♥ | http://marymariastyle.blogspot.com.es/

  8. Tijana Momcilovic | 28th Oct 15

    Fantastic post ! Have a nice day!


  9. Ellese Launer | 30th Oct 15

    Gorgeous trends that I want to try for fall! Thanks for sharing. XO, Ellese


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