Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It snowed for the first time yesterday!! I’m a big snow lover until February, March, and even April roll around and there is still gross, slushy snow everywhere. Anyway, I think the first snow fall is always one of the prettiest, so I of course went out to shoot this morning.

Does it snow where you live? 
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  1. Raashi Agarwal | 23rd Nov 15

    Oh my goodness, SO PRETTY! It doesn't usually snow in Australia, but I did live in Holland for 3 years so these photos are making me nostalgic – and making me want to build snowmans and make snowangels 😛


  2. Heidi Hendricksen | 23rd Nov 15

    It is so pretty but I was not ready for snow yet this year!

    Wishes & Reality

  3. Kay | 24th Nov 15

    Looks so gorgeous! No snow here in the UK. ;( <3


  4. Jalisa G | 24th Nov 15

    Wow, such lovely photos! Snow is so beautiful to look at, especially when it first falls, so whimsical! I'm with ya, buy February, I'm just about finished with snow, mainly because it's around that time that the snow storms intensify! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty; have a lovely day!



  5. Summer | 24th Nov 15

    Love those boots ♥


  6. Beckie | 24th Nov 15

    Beautiful photos! We haven't had any snow where I live yet and I'm so not prepared!


  7. Rach DiMare | 25th Nov 15

    It snowed for the first time too too. But the weird thing is the suburbs got like 8inches in the snow and living in the city, I saw nothing!! Hope you are staying warm!


  8. ~AndreaTiffany~ | 25th Nov 15

    Love the photos! I'm really wishing for a white christmas this year! Fingers crossed this year snow will come. It didn't last year but hopefully this year?
    I totally agree, I hate when snow turns brown and mushy and gets onto carpets and shoes.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  9. Modishness | 25th Nov 15

    Beautiful photos 🙂

  10. rae lovefromberlin | 25th Nov 15

    Oh my the snow just looks absolutely lovely! We had our first snowfall in Berlin this year but it was too warm and light for anything to really stick yet.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  11. angelina | 25th Nov 15

    It doesn't snow where I live now 🙁 I'm so jealous, especially since I love the idea of having a white Christmas. It looks like tons of fun though, and you got some great shots!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  12. Elle | 28th Nov 15

    such beautiful pristine shots! I love snow , and I adore the boots. Not much snow in NYC! At least, not yet!
    xx, Elle

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